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Working Papers

“Increasing Women’s Access to Justice in Weak States: Experimental Evidence from Somalia,” with Prabin Khadka. Link. Pre-analysis plan.

“Majoritarian Bargaining over Budgetary Divisions and Policy,” with Andrzej Baranski and Rebecca B. Morton. Link.

Manuscripts in Progress and Pre-Analysis Plans

“Extremist Militant Groups and the Provision of Justice: Experimental Evidence from South Central Somalia,” with Prabin Khadka. Pre-analysis plan.

“Does Corruption Signal Competence in Politics? Experimental Evidence from India,” with Pavan Mamidi, Tirtha Patel, and Shardul Vaidya. Pre-analysis plan.

“Improving the Donation Preference Elicitation Method, and Investigating Why It Produces Differences in Ideal Point Estimates,” with Rebecca B. Morton. Pre-analysis plan.

“Self- and Virtue-Signaling in an Age of Polarization.” Pre-analysis plan.

Works in Progress

“Locked Out of Power: Historical Exclusion and the Decision to Run for Office”, with Emmy Lindstam

“Investigating Bandwagon Voting with Sequential Voting”, with Rebecca B. Morton and Lionel Page